Wear, Care and Safety

We highly recommend you see an eye care professional if you have any issues or hesitation wearing lenses.

We highly recommend you store your Lenses in a Lens Case and Solution



  • Wash hands before handling lenses. Poor hygiene can cause infections to the eyes.
  • Always follow the instructions about when and for how long you can wear lenses. If you wear too long, this will cause damage to your eyes.
  • Check lenses for damage or contamination before putting them in. A damaged lens can cause discomfort and may harm eyes.
  • Use appropriate lens solution to remove protein, dirt and debris from lenses.
  • For more comfort of wearing lenses and cleaning, rubbing method is recommended.
  • If lenses become uncomfortable, please remove them and get advice from an eye-care practitioner. Also if you experience any unusual symptoms please contact your eye-care practitioner.
  • Make regular aftercare visits to your eye-care practitioner. Not all problems may cause immediate discomfort or vision problems.


  • Do not to share lenses with others as sharing lenses can cause infections.
  • Do not sleep with contact lenses on. 
  • Wearing daily disposable lenses more than once is not advisable
  • Do not to wear lenses if you are suffering from red or sore eyes.
  • Don’t use tap water or used solution on lenses. These liquids are not sterile and harbour organisms that can cause serious infections.
  • Don’t use a lens from damaged packaging as there is always the risk of dirt which could be harmful to the eyes.
  • Avoid using lenses in a smoky, dusty environment or chemical fumed areas as it could cause irritation to the eyes.
  • Do not wear contact lenses longer than the duration recommended.
  • Do not use lenses while swimming or soaking in a tub
  • Do not wear contact lenses if you are not feeling well. (i.e. : Flu, Fever, Feeling ill)